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As the owner of Integrated Home Improvements, I, John Bard and masonry go way back. I got my start way back when I was in high school in Ontario Canada. I got a job as a mason tender during the summer vacation and I was immediately hooked. I knew right then that I wanted to be a mason. Finishing high school, I approached the same person looking for full time work, which he did not have for me at that time. I was directed to an older gentleman who he actually learned from. This seasoned older mason brushed me off for a couple weeks before my pestering and follow up calls finally got the better of him and I was hired. Finally, I had a real apprenticeship. The crew consisted of the owner and his main guy (both 63) and myself at the tender age of 17. I worked with them for a year or two before the owner's health deteriorated and he started slowing down. I took on various other brick layer positions in the new build sub division market for a year or so before making a move the the US. Upon moving to the US, I entered into the union which was short lived as the work season wasn't very long and I needed more stable work.. Integrated Home Improvements was started in '04 in response to this need but it didn't take off right away. So I worked almost full time for a friend of mine who owned a carpentry business which afforded me the ability to care of my customers as needed. After a few years it started taking off and I have been working hard to never stop making refinements. 



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